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Finishing Services

At Doves Print & Embroidery we offer a wide range of extra finishing services to add special touches to your products. Please contact us if you are after something you don't see listed here.

Relabelling 03.jpg


We offer re-labelling to all garments. This can be inside neck labels, hem labels, cuff labels. We can also provide bespoke woven labels to add into your garments.


Bar Code Application

We can produce and add bespoke bar codes to your kimble tags.



We can polybag your garments. We also now offer an Eco-friendly range or polybags which are compostable or made from sugar cane (at extra cost).

Fancy Box

Ratio Packing

Ideal for workwear and uniforms, we can ratio pack different products and label ready to distribute on delivery - saving your customers a lot of work.


Kimble Tagging

We can add bespoke kimble tags to all your garments to make them retail ready. 

Fancy Gift Box

Retail Spec Packing

This might include fold and roll into speciality packaging or adding card inserts before folding. Anything you need we can provide.

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