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Eco-Friendly Options

We have lot's of options to help make your project as green as possible. 


We work with a number of different clothing suppliers, who can provide Eco-friendly, recycled and sustainable products.

Clothing Brands which have sustainable ranges include:

  • Continental Clothing - offering 100% Organic Cotton or products made from 100% recycled materials. They aim to provide sustainable garments while reducing their carbon footprint. Their garments are designed to work with water base and discharge inks.

  • Stanley/Stellacarry 4 different Eco-certifications. These include, GOTS, OCS, Oeko-Tex, and PETA approved. Their brand centres around sustainability and the use of organic cotton.

  • Westford Mill - offer a organic cotton bag range, many of which have been dyed using sustainably-derived natural dyes.

  • Native Spirit - use a wide range of eco-friendly materials in their products. These include; Hemp, In-conversion cotton, Merino wool, Sorona, Hessian, Segrass, Modal, Recycled cotton, recycled polyester and lyocell. They carry eco-certification from GRS, RWS, Oeko-Tex, EVE Vegan, OCS.

  • Premier - offering Organic Cotton Aprons and recycled nylon jackets.

  • Ecologie by AWDis - use factories which are GOTS, RCS, SEDEX, BSCI or Oeko-Tex certificated. All their garments have been approved by PETA to be 100% animal ingredient free. 

This is just a small selection of Brands we can offer who provide an Eco-friendly range.  For a more complete look at what we can offer, please follow the link below to our shop. 


At Doves we use Madeira embroidery thread. Our standard Madeira thread is Oeko-Tex certificated. 

On request we can offer Madeira's new range Sensa Green which is made from 100% Lyocell, which is biodegradable.  We can also offer Polyneon Green which is made from 100% recycled (PET) plastic bottles.  This thread has all the same properties as standard polyneon. 

Our embroidery backing is made to Oeko-Tex standards and the binders used in the backing is Formaldehyde free. 

We can also access backing which is 100% Biodegradable. 


At Doves we can use Water base inks, PVC free and Phthalate free inks. 

Our water base inks carry the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 certificate. This certificate means that the inks we use have been thoroughly tested for harmful substances and they have been found to be harmless to human health. Class 1 of the certificate means the product has passed the strictest requirements and limit values that Oeko-Tex carry out. 

Finishing & Packaging

At Doves we can offer a wide range of different finishing and packaging options to make your final product more environmentally friendly.

  • Polybagging - we can now offer two different Eco-friendly polybags. A Compostable bag which is plant based and 100% biodegradable. And a Sugarcane Carbon Neutral Polybag, made from sugarcane and 30% consumer waste.  These are 100% recyclable and carbon neutral - PAS2050 certified. 

  • We can use 100% paper or kraft paper swing tags instead of ones which contain plastics.  These can then be applied to garments with biodegradable/compostable twine instead of plastic kimble tags.

  • Once we pack your garments in cardboard boxes, we can apply stickers which say 're-use' or 'recycle' me.  Where possible we will try to recycle boxes. 

  • Boxes can be sealed with paper tape which is free from plastic and animal products, rather than the traditional plastic tape. 

Crushed Plastic Bottles

Eco Certifications

There are a lot of different certificates associated with Eco-Friendly products.  For more information on each of these and what they mean, please follow the below links. 

GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard 

OCS - Organic Content Standard 

GRS - Global Recycled Standard


PETA approved 

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